Such a fitting Meme

This is so fitting for most people on this Earth. 😂

Beer League

Just watched this a day or so ago. Was alright. Nothing to brag about. Anyhow was funny. Artie was Artie. Artie (Artie Lange) has no job and no girlfriend, and… Read more »

Here I am

So if anyone is wondering on my where I’ve been? Well, here I am. I no longer have weekend’s. My court visits have ended and i pretty much was forced… Read more »

Craigslist Misses Connection of the day

As it was posted on Craigslist…. To the hot chick on the freeway (Nuevo exit to van Buren)hide this posting You were driving a white Toyota. I caught you off… Read more »

So it starts.

I made some fucked up decisions and for the most part this was not on my own. Sorry for the next six months I am working for the country if… Read more »