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Have not posted on either of my sites in some time. This one of the many reasons. Just have not felt like doing so. So I am going to let you into a little secret. I am totally fucked for now. After all is said and done. I got 51 days of community service. Well…


Here are a few photos of the #holyfire my son took as we drove. This is comming down highway 74 Lake Elsinore Ca

By Lucia Binding, news reporter Dozens of “drunken” seagulls have become “disoriented and confused” after scavenging alcohol in southwest England. Some have died and others are seriously ill, with the RSPCA saying the birds were probably feeding on waste products from a local brewery or alcohol producer. “The birds appear disoriented and confused and struggle…

This really a story. Got to read this.🤔

An Abilene, Texas Jeep Liberty owner received a warning from police for his absolutely inexplicable decision to strap an entire washing machine to his hood, completely obscuring his vision ahead of the car. The Jeep has a seemingly intact roof rack, on a seemingly intact roof. Why didn’t he strap it to the roof? What…

What’s your feeling?

I tend to believe and follow what I feel is the right direction.🤔

This is so true.

Gal Gadot

Alright if you are a guy that is not and not a stupid Racist and you are into beautiful ladies this lady is not the best actress. But what she dose lack as an actress she most surly makes up for in her fine ass body. I am not a big fan of comic books….

Seems fitting.

It’s such a fitting thought for today’s society.

Don’t make you better than fill you up with medications make you an attic and take you off of them. Make you a Criminal and prosecute you for using them once you become addicted. Make a society of addicted people is the way to keep the drug companies in business. I guess what it comes…

Such a fitting Meme

This is so fitting for most people on this Earth. 😂