This is a cool Photo I took back in 2017

Notice the dog on the roof? I took this In Lake Elsinore Ca. I took this a year or so ago. I had a friend that lived on the street. We would drive by and wonder why is this dog on the roof. So we finally asked how the dog got on the roof. Come to find out that the house had a patio with stairs on it. So the dog had access to the roof. Anyhow taken by Timothy Lee Pate.

I love this photo

I have two of these photos of Long Beach Ca. The one has one kid playing with a boat in the background. The Second One is this one here. You will notice that there is a girl I believe. I love these photos. You can also see the Queen Marry in the background along with the loading docks. Really cool picture. I took this photo I believe in July or September of 2016. Anyhow great photo. It’s also my picture. I took it did not rip it off someone’s site.

The world wide web

I thought I would share this it gave me a laugh. Anyhow it sucks right now. The place I live the guy with whom I live changed his WiFi password and I can’t get the new password or he won’t allow me to get the new password. Also I live behind his house and no cable is run here and it’s the same address and and the companies will only allow one cable modem here. So no internet. I’m fucked till I can move from here.

Coroner: Anchor Chris Burrous Suffered Meth Overdose During Sex Encounter

posted by City News Service –  Feb 22, 2019

GLENDALE (CNS) – KTLA5 weekend anchor Chris Burrous, who was found unconscious in a Glendale motel room two days after Christmas, died from an accidental methamphetamine overdose, the county coroner reported today.

Police were contacted at 1:15 p.m. Dec. 27 by a caller who said a man he was with at the Days Inn, 450 Pioneer Drive, had passed out and was possibly not breathing, Glendale police Sgt. Dan Suttles previously said. More here