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You see this shit?

(CNN)A father and son are facing murder charges after police say they shot and killed a neighbor in Abilene, Texas, over a dispute about a box spring — an incident… Read more »

Twitter feed is not working for some reason

I am not sure but my twitter feed is not working. I do a lot of tweets. I am looking into it.  

What the hell?

alright I will start today’s blog off today being a Thursday September 20th 2018. So it’s funny in the end when you figure out that you can laugh at some… Read more »

Well Well

I normally wouldn’t share my personal life but, this time I’m going to. Back in November of 2017 I had applied for a job with instacart. Instacart does a thorough… Read more »

The New President Trump.

Gotta Love this thing. Wow #DonaldTrump

What the fuck?

I just don’t get straight females or females for that matter and I have three sisters! You do everything you can to prove to them that you are not the… Read more »