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I normally wouldn’t share my personal life but, this time I’m going to. Back in November of 2017 I had applied for a job with instacart. Instacart does a thorough background check before they hire anybody and offer them a position. 2017 I had moved from Jurupa Valley AKA Riverside California to Lake Elsinore California. With no forwarding address. Now back to instacart in Lake Elsinore. My soon-to-be ex-wife decided she was going to get financial assistance from the County of Riverside Forge my signature and not even tell me. I had received several notifications in the mail from the County of Riverside for my soon-to-be ex-wife from her caseworker. I was under the impression that she was just receiving Medical lo and behold one afternoon I open an envelope from the County of Riverside to find out she was receiving financial assistance she had told me she was receiving nothing but medical for my children. So during this period of time I set back and decided that I was going to contact the caseworker gave her the case number only to find out that I was part of the case and never even knew it. Basically I dropped the dime on her so the County of Riverside did a full investigation I was brought up on charges for fraud. I was also prosecuted for fraud and had a warrant to the sum of $40, 000. Now back to Lake Elsinore California. why I bring up Lake Elsinore California is because the County of Riverside Cent a certified letter stating that I had to appear in court July 17th 2017 at 9 a.m. I didn’t know that because I had moved and not given a forwarding address. so I had been driving around since July not knowing that I had a large warrant for my arrest driving to and from work taking my children to school going to the grocery store. I had called up my soon-to-be ex-wife and told her she needed to make payments that I could not afford to she agreed to and never made one payment this was back in 2017 and 2016. from November until May of 2018 I had gone to court every month at least twice a month. I was sentenced to three years informal probation and 56 days work release. I did 2 weeks work release and said to hell with this. I decided I was going to do house arrest. I’m almost done with house arrest I’ll be finished this Sunday September 16th 2018 at 5 a.m. this whole experience has been very humbling. I have to make huge payments every month with no help from my soon-to-be ex-wife. We have four children together my oldest is going to be 20 on November my youngest is 14 15 17. I take care of all three of my children with no help from Social Services I do it on my own. I will stake this publicly my children’s mother is a lying pathetic cheap piece of shit worthless cheating whore who now has close to $100, 000 in warrants and I can only hope that she does prison time. So for those of you who follow this blog or whatever you want to call it this is what’s going on in my life I decided in 2015 I could no longer stand being with this woman she wouldn’t help with the divorce I did everything on my own by myself with no help from anyone I filed for my divorce in June of this year 2018 also file for child support their mother does nothing to help with her own children she would rather see them starve. She now told me that she has cancer I wish her no ill I just would love to see her face everything that she has coming to her legally and I would actually love to see her behind bars I would visit her and laugh. In closing as I had stated before this has been a very humbling experience and I’ve learned a lot I now I’m wearing an ankle bracelet and in monitored 24/7 and will be done very soon. Enclosing again I have learned a lot. So that’s it that’s the whole story and I’ll keep you updated.