Month: September 2018

You see this shit?

(CNN)A father and son are facing murder charges after police say they shot and killed a neighbor in Abilene, Texas, over a dispute about a box spring — an incident the victim’s common-law wife caught on camera. According to police, on September 1, John Miller, 67, and his son Michael Miller, 31, got into a…

Twitter feed is not working for some reason

I am not sure but my twitter feed is not working. I do a lot of tweets. I am looking into it.  

What the hell?

alright I will start today’s blog off today being a Thursday September 20th 2018. So it’s funny in the end when you figure out that you can laugh at some of your stupid mistakes. Those who can claim to be your friends really are your foe. And then when you finally figure that out you…

Well Well

I normally wouldn’t share my personal life but, this time I’m going to. Back in November of 2017 I had applied for a job with instacart. Instacart does a thorough background check before they hire anybody and offer them a position. 2017 I had moved from Jurupa Valley AKA Riverside California to Lake Elsinore California….