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I just don’t get straight females or females for that matter and I have three sisters! You do everything you can to prove to them that you are not the cheating type that you’re a good man a good person. Somehow you’re able to come out on top for a while. You do things right make all the right choices but in the end you always end up back to spot one. I truly believe that females don’t even get themselves. I think for now as of 8-15- 2018 I’m going to remain single. I have been dumped and taken back well over 15 16 times in the past two and a half years by the same woman. I guess for me I find it easier to masturbate of course it gets old but in the end I don’t have to cuddle I don’t have to worry about my penis is feelings maybe it’s selfish of me to feel this way but in the end I only have to worry about myself 😥😛. Nice list of things I don’t have to worry about number one. Only I have to sleep in the wet spot. Number two I don’t have to sweet-talk it to get into its panties. Number three once I have an orgasm I can roll over and go right to sleep. Number four I don’t have to worry about signing divorce papers. In closing on this blog for today I would just like to add the following that wasn’t meant to be chauvinistic in any way shape or form. I’m not gay I love straight women I’ve actually found some lesbian women that are very attractive. I’ve always respected women I respected my mother any female I’ve ever dated never been a guy for a one-night stand always felt guilty afterwards. Just wanted to make the obvious more obvious women are beautiful creatures but they’re very very very condescending. Have a wonderful day.