The Guy that I rent from sucks

So the guy that I rent from has a house behind his. No Cable is ran from the pole to the house. Also no phone line is ran from the pole to the house. So in order for me to have internet I have to pay someone to come out and install that and they want like 5k. I don’t have an extra 5k for this so I can’t do a show or even have internet. So till i move from this place I am stuck using my hotspot. I was paying him to use his Internet and he changed the fucking password after I paid him to use it.

I guess it suck to be me.

This is how I feel

I am not one of them people whom dose not like females. Hell yes I love the opposite sex. I just don’t like the games that come with it. I don’t like feeling like I never do or did enough in a relationship. I have had a lot of time to look back on my past two relationships and all the good the bad and ugly. I just don’t see that I was as bad as I have been made to feel or believe I was or even am now. Fuck what more could a guy do? I have tried them dating sites and came up short and am now afraid. Fuck it I guess I am going to stay single and say fuck it.

Mac Miller Swimming

Alright I will start off with this! I do not own the rights to this image. This image belongs to Warner Bro Music. I just wanted to throw that out so no one could or would make a stink about the use of his image. If anyone from the label get’s mad please feel free to email and I will take it down A.S.A.P
Anyhow i am not a critic. I honestly never cared much him him as an artist. But I have to admit this kid was talented. Brilliant man. Say whatever it is about drug use. But this man left his mark on us. His music. This album was a work of art. This album I can’t say anything bad about it. He produced the album himself. He touches on everything from his break up. Self love
healing and psychological growth and so much more. I am one of those people who it takes me a few times to hear and explore an album before I can begin to even have an opinion on it. I believe if he had not died the way he had he would maybe have gone further. This album covers it all. Life his feelings about the world love sex females politics what else can you say. I remember the day this kid died my oldest son called me saying they found Miller died. I saw it come across my Instagram feed and was like wow. My Son Dylan and my Son Timothy at a park in Ogden Utah. They both were fans from that day on. Anyhow again all can say is this album is great and you will not forget it anytime soon even on the track 2009 every time i hear it i get goose bumps. Thanks for the music Mac. I hope you found peace in the after life.

This is a cool Photo I took back in 2017

Notice the dog on the roof? I took this In Lake Elsinore Ca. I took this a year or so ago. I had a friend that lived on the street. We would drive by and wonder why is this dog on the roof. So we finally asked how the dog got on the roof. Come to find out that the house had a patio with stairs on it. So the dog had access to the roof. Anyhow taken by Timothy Lee Pate.

I love this photo

I have two of these photos of Long Beach Ca. The one has one kid playing with a boat in the background. The Second One is this one here. You will notice that there is a girl I believe. I love these photos. You can also see the Queen Marry in the background along with the loading docks. Really cool picture. I took this photo I believe in July or September of 2016. Anyhow great photo. It’s also my picture. I took it did not rip it off someone’s site.

The world wide web

I thought I would share this it gave me a laugh. Anyhow it sucks right now. The place I live the guy with whom I live changed his WiFi password and I can’t get the new password or he won’t allow me to get the new password. Also I live behind his house and no cable is run here and it’s the same address and and the companies will only allow one cable modem here. So no internet. I’m fucked till I can move from here.