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The stream is up and running. Click here to tune in. 64K stream For now No Show. The computer that I use for my stream is old and needs updated I am poor and need a newer pc for the stream. as it sets the fees for this station is not large but between fees…

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Pro-pedophilia messages now being embedded in Hollywood movies for CHILDREN

  he new children’s film “Show Dogs” has officially been pulled from theaters after parents everywhere sounded the alarm about its grossly pro-pedophilia plot line. It all started when Terina Maldonado of the popular “Macaroni Kid” blog published a blog article about the movie’s shocking and highly inappropriate content. More here  

Found this today and had to add this.

This is so fucking true. These that we voted into office are the same greedy pieces of s***that make the laws control the banks and tell us what we can and can’t do with our money. Give them 5 minutes on minimum wage I guarantee you things will change just a quick thought happy Thursday.

Bats Bats Bats

It is possible that Bruce Wayne’s cave might have collapsed, but according to news sources the Australian town of Batemans Bay in New South Wales had declared ‘a state of emergency’ after 1,00,000 bats invaded the town that hosts a populous of only 11,000. The grey-headed flying foxes are also listed under ‘vulnerable species’ which leaves the…

A man accused of stealing handguns apparently shot himself after authorities chased the U-Haul truck he was driving across the Inland Empire Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities had stalled northbound traffic on the freeway while they responded to the incident, and motorists could be seen backed up for miles. Commuters were advised to avoid the area. The pursuit began in Santa Ana, on the eastbound 22 Freeway near where it meets Interstate 5, according to the California Highway Patrol. It had…

Artie Lange – Opens Up About Addiction, Sobriety, Health Scare – Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

This fucking kills me. Artie Lange Was in the best Job on the earth and walked away from it for Drugs. Damn I love this guy his is so funny and Made Howard Stern’s show so much funnier and he threw it away for drugs. Damn.

Woman Changes Kid’s Name After Misspelled Tattoo

May 17, 2018 • A woman in Sweden got tattoos of her kids’ names, but the artist put an extra L in Kevin, making Kelvin. After a while she liked the name and changed her kid’s name to Kelvin. 

30-Year-Old Leaves The Nest — After Parents Win Court-Ordered Eviction

It’s a milestone so common that it has become a Hollywood trope: The son packs his things, carries all those vestiges of his former life across the threshold of the front door and, with the unwavering encouragement of his parents, finally leaves their house to face the wider world. It’s a little less common for…


Howard Stern Was he right to turn his back on Artie? I swear Howard only hires people that he can goof on.

Artie’s Return After Quitting 04 21 08

Alright I am a fan of Artie Lange……..Let me start of with the following. I am not a blogger and I am not the best at spelling punctuation grammar or any of that so here i go. I have been a fan of Howard Stern since 1990. I was a big fan of Jackie Martling…

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